Sep 07, 2018


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The startup group MILLA installs a detonating approach in the world of autonomous shuttles.

The MILLA Group’s ambition is to become the standard for new mobility services and to gain access to the leading position in this segment within the next 5 years, an approach associated with the provision of a modular autonomous electric shuttle, MILLA POD.

The MILLA Group has taken a stake in BETA EPSILON (link with BE site), created in 1988 and recognized in the design and development of vehicles. It is behind the Bee-Bee electric vehicle project. The MILLA Group benefits from R&D and production sites in France and is studying installation opportunities in the United States.

MILLA Group is in a position today to produce and market autonomous shuttles “on demand” to meet the needs whatever the format: operation of an urban transport solution complementary to the existing offer, as a new proposal transportation in a specific frame (university campus, leisure parks …).

A first experiment will take place with the agglomeration of Vélizy (Yvelines) operational from 2019 ; The MILLA Group has already successfully implemented innovations, particularly with Renault, through its ISFM and OBH entities.