ISFM – MILLA Group – Innov’Up Leader PIA Award

On 18 September 2018 ISFM was present among 21 finalists (out of 154 projects selected) in Innov’Up Leader PIA project (program investment for the future).

“This call for projects is an innovative way to develop strategic sectors in Ile-de-France. The winning companies in our region will receive public financial support to carry out their innovative projects and help make Ile-de-France a leading region.” said Michel Cadot-Ile-de-France region Prefect, Paris’ Prefect.

Valérie Pécresse, President of IIe-de-France Region added: “This call for projects which is unprecedented in its scope and ambition, now makes it possible to support 21 future leaders in Ile-de-France region. Innovation is our priority and we want to encourage companies to invest, innovate and recruit in Ile-de-France to become major players. ”

ISFM, designer of new mobility systems (MILLA Group) ensures the development of an autonomous shuttle with innovative and disruptive properties.
– Technologies and software use a principle of redundancy for greater reliability.
– Passengers are seated and belted for added safety.
– Travel speeds are higher than those of other shuttles.
The ISFM project provides a differentiating mobility solution and already includes an experiment in Vélizy city with Milla POD shuttle.

Innov’Up Leader PIA
As part of the Investment Plan for the Future, Innov’up Leader PIA is a call for projects launched jointly by Ile-de-France Prefecture, Paris Prefecture and Ile-de-France Region to develop the growth of Paris Region companies by financing their innovation projects.