Nov 28, 2018


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MILLA Group unveils its ambitions before CES 2019

Paris, France — November 26, 2018

The automotive market agrees to say that the autonomous vehicles, on a more or less distant horizon (on 2020, 2030), will be a reality and are thus as of now the future of all the manufacturers.

Regarding autonomous vehicles, there is a sector for which the offer is already available. It is the autonomous shuttles, where the designers and the French manufacturers set themselves apart.


ISFM, henceforth subsidiary of MILLA Group, had already announced the arrival of its autonomous electric shuttle at the latest CES in January, 2018.

This shuttle, now baptized Mobility POD ™, carries 6 passengers, sitting and wearing seatbelts. Mobility POD ™ can also be operated in an autonomous platooning, allowing to carry up to 30 passengers, without compromising the comfort of every traveler.

MILLA Group masters and ensures the entire operational chain, from the design and development of the shuttle and its construction, to providing services for users and operators such as a dedicated smartphone application, a vehicle management system called LifeOnMaps.

The Mobility POD™ autonomous shuttle proposal, particularly adapted to the demand of the last km, is distinguished by a unique value proposition on the market on 3 levels: technical, uses, costs.

Mobility POD™ is the rolling element of MILLA Group’s global and operational offering, which meets the many needs of intelligent mobility with its Mobility Open POD™ platform.

MILLA Group offers a solution already experienced and rapidly exploitable for all stakeholders wishing to set up a mobility service (agglomerations, industrial centers, tourist areas, university campuses …).



MILLA Group already has 30 employees, including 22 engineers and relies on strong technology partners such as: SafeRide Technologies, Yogoko, Nexyad.

This pooling of skills and experience enables MILLA Group to provide an autonomous shuttle perfectly adapted to the constraints related to the safety of autonomous vehicles, including technologies and software that use a principle of redundancy for greater reliability.

This shuttle is able to integrate rapidly in each context of use.

The shuttle Mobility POD ™ has already found its audience

  • In France: ISFM, MILLA Group, is a laureate of the Innov’Up Leader PIA and is currently building an experiment on the site of Vélizy (Paris region), where the Mobility POD™ shuttle will be running in a residential area in 2019.
  • In the United States, with the ambition of setting up quickly, ISFM is one of the startups of the Ubimobility 2018 program run by Business France and BPI. Projects are already under study with an American university and a private site.

Come meet us at the CES 2019, from January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas, a major event that will be the opportunity to reveal the design of the Mobility POD ™ shuttle.