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building new forms of mobility

Milla group

Complete expertise in autonomous shuttles

As a leading manufacturer, we offer a complete autonomous shuttle system, including data supervision. With our subsidiaries ISFM and Beta Epsilon, combining automotive and digital expertise, we cover the entire value chain.
From concept to reality, we work with our customers to develop innovative vehicles.

Our aim: an inclusive, ecological and efficient solution to complement existing transport. Thanks to our approved platforms and unique expertise, we are paving the way for the industrialisation of today’s autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous transport: redefining the future of mobility

At MILLA, our vision of autonomous transport is based on three essential pillars: efficiency, sustainability and complementarity. Our aim is to make transport, through automation, more efficient by offering wider services and optimising journeys. By reducing our carbon footprint, we are committed to preserving the environment and creating a more sustainable future.

Thanks to our Class 4 level of automation, our autonomous shuttles can operate in predefined areas, offering unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. Whether transporting people or goods, we are committed to fitting our vehicles to meet the specific needs of each use case.


Discover the new era of autonomous shuttles with MILLA

Unprecedented variety, cutting-edge industrialisation. With 80% common solutions, we guarantee consistent quality and low costs, while the remaining 20% are tailored to your specific needs. The result: reliable, cost-effective solutions and optimum efficiency at every stage.

At MILLA, safety is our top priority. Our unique approach is based on a certified platform, preserving the integrity of the base vehicle. We focus on automotive industry standards rather than relying solely on artificial intelligence.

Milla Mini Bus

Discover the MILLA Mini Bus, our latest jewel of innovation and comfort. R107 approved, it is the first in the world in its category. With a capacity of up to 20 passengers, it offers a practical and efficient mobility solution tailored to the needs of people with reduced mobility.

Milla Car

MILLA Car, a versatile vehicle designed for longer journeys in complete safety and comfort. With its 12-seater capacity and safety belts, it allows you to travel with peace of mind at speeds of up to 90 km/h, including on high-speed roads and motorways. .

Milla Van

MILLA Van, a versatile vehicle designed to adapt to your needs. Its modular interior lets you create a user-friendly space to suit your preferences. Ideal for suburban and rural areas, the MILLA Van offers a real-time on-demand service, perfectly suited when demand is lower.

Milla Pod

MILLA POD, our first jewel with a unique design. This compact shuttle, designed to carry up to 6 people, was the starting point for our range of industrialisable vehicles. This emblematic product embodies our spirit of innovation, having served as a development platform for all our systems, from robotic technologies to advanced automation. The MILLA POD demonstrates our ongoing commitment to pushing back the boundaries of technology and creating unique autonomous transport solutions.

Milla Delivery

MILLA Delivery, our state-of-the-art solution for transporting goods. Designed specifically to meet customers' requirements, this versatile vehicle offers exceptional flexibility in arranging transport space to suit your unique needs. Whether you need open space for pallets or storage compartments for smaller items, MILLA Delivery is perfectly suited to your business.

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