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MILLA GROUP redefined the future of autonomous mobility at its event on 6 June

Paris, 12 June 2023 – MILLA GROUP / ISFM organised a landmark event in Versailles, unveiling a series of significant developments in the field of autonomous urban mobility.

The event was an opportunity for MILLA GROUP to present its roadmap and announce its commitment to the industrialisation of its range of autonomous vehicles for the transport of people and goods. This objective, which requires the vehicles to be type-approved, underlines MILLA GROUP’s ambition and ability to achieve a level of industrialisation unmatched to date in Europe.

MILLA GROUP maintains its French base and benefits from unprecedented national support

By announcing that it has raised several million euros in funding (the exact amount remains confidential for the moment), MILLA GROUP is confirming that it remains a 100% French company, dedicated to innovation in the field of autonomous mobility. In addition, the company has been awarded three projects as part of a prestigious national call for tenders dedicated to our sector, representing three of the four projects selected. This recognition, and the associated budget of over €20 million, underlines the fact that MILLA Group is the only company in our field to benefit from such national support.

A diversified range of vehicles and major proven technological advances

At the event, the full range of MILLA vehicles was presented, with several vehicles on the road throughout the day to transport guests. The company also unveiled a preview of its new autonomous 20-seater minibus, with a dedicated area for people with disabilities. This minibus ran in autonomous mode for the first time, showcasing MILLA’s advanced technologies.

Strong institutional support for MILLA GROUP

The Île-de-France region and the French government confirmed their support for MILLA at the event, considering the company to be a key player in the field of autonomous shuttles. The personalities in attendance, including Anne-Marie Idrac, former Secretary of State for Transport, and Xavier Delache, Head of the Department for the Transition of Uses and Digitalisation (TUD) – DGITM, praised MILLA GROUP’s innovation and speed of execution.

Demonstrating MILLA GROUP's technological superiority

Demonstrations at the event showcased MILLA’s advanced technologies over a 3.6 km route, with a speed of 50 km/h in autonomous mode. The vehicle had no driver on board, was supervised remotely, and respected traffic lights, pedestrians and right of way, without any specific infrastructure and taking account of overgrown vegetation. No other shuttle is capable of achieving these performances, confirming MILLA’s position as a truly innovative player in the market.

Diversification and full automation of the vehicle range

MILLA GROUP has announced its intention to work on the automation of BRT vehicles to complete its range of vehicles dedicated to public transport. Currently, three versions of the vehicles are available with different layouts and capacities, a diversity that no other player in the market has.
The event also provided an opportunity to discuss the legal framework for autonomous shuttles. This framework, which is now ready, will enable these vehicles to be industrialised and deployed
deployed on a large scale, a major step in the development of autonomous mobility.


MILLA GROUP, a key innovator in the French automotive industry, designs, manufactures and markets an on-demand autonomous transport system. MILLA’s tailor-made electric vehicles are specifically designed to meet market needs and represent the next generation of automated vehicles for transporting people and goods. MILLA is the only company to offer a wide range of autonomous vehicles for the transport of people and goods.

The MILLA range drives differentiation and innovation. It is the first in the world to operate daily on open roads at up to 50 km/h in autonomous mode without dedicated lanes.

With 80% common solutions, MILLA guarantees consistent quality and reduced costs. This innovative approach makes it possible to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions, ensuring optimum efficiency at every stage of development. With its expertise in both the automotive and digital fields, MILLA GROUP has the only mass-produced autonomous range in France.

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