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MILLA GROUP wins 3 calls for projects organised by Bpifrance

Paris, 5 June 2023 – MILLA GROUP, a leader in innovation and service offerings in the field of automated mobility for the transport of people and goods, announces that it has won three calls for projects organised by Bpifrance on Automated Road Mobilities and Connected and Low-Carbon Service Infrastructures.

BPIFrance is supporting initiatives to innovate and industrialise new sustainable forms of mobility by organising a call for projects on the theme of “Automated road mobility, connected and low-carbon service infrastructures”. Three of the four projects selected were won by MILLA and its main partners. The “Yélo DETA”, “MobAuto2” and “SMACS” projects were selected on the basis of the relevance and variety of the use cases and innovations proposed.

MILLA GROUP is resolutely committed to working alongside its partners and is already making its contribution to the success of these projects by committing to providing the technical elements and processes required to meet tomorrow’s mobility needs. The topics have been chosen in response to issues identified by the various partners and their customers. Each subject has been the subject of a preliminary study which has enabled us to qualify the reality of a need, its interest and its contribution from the point of view of technological progress and the existence of a market.

Frédéric Mathis, CEO of MILLA, explains: “MILLA GROUP is positioned as the manufacturer of an automated transport system consisting of autonomous shuttles and their supervision. Everything is done in-house (hardware and software) to guarantee the quality and safety of the system. We are able to offer a range of autonomous shuttles tailored to our customers’ needs. We cover a wide range of applications, from public transport on expressways to provide feeder services to mobility hubs and business centres, to transport on demand in urban areas. In partnership with several operators, we will be deploying our solutions on motorways, in suburban areas and in cities. The confidence shown in us by France 2030 and the BPI in awarding us 3 ambitious projects attests not only to our maturity, but also to our current and future industrial capacity to become a key player in automated road transport systems. We are proud to be making an active contribution to creating a future where mobility is intelligent, efficient and accessible to all. Thanks to the support of the BPI, we are taking further steps towards a future where mobility is smoother, safer and more respectful of the environment. “


The MILLA Group (ISFM, BetaEpsilon) is a French SME and manufacturer of mobility solutions, which designs, manufactures and markets autonomous vehicles for on-demand transport. A member of the Plateforme Française Automobile (PFA), MILLA is a winner of the Plan de Relance, confirming its position as a benchmark manufacturer of autonomous vehicles. With its MILLA LAV (Light Autonomous Vehicle) range of electric and autonomous vehicles, MILLA is able to operate on open roads with an average operating speed of 30 km/h and a maximum speed in autonomous mode of 50 km/h, without any specific infrastructure or dedicated lane. 100% MILLA and 100% French, these vehicles are already in operation in several French territories and will soon be deployed in Europe and North America.
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